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I've had a journal since the moment I watched my father drip his morning coffee across a yellow legal pad scribbled with reflections and memories inspired by a bent and torn copy of Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth.


From that moment, and many after, writing became the way in which I grasped the intangibles of growing up and family life - just as he did.


It has been through writing that I have found my greatest understanding of the world behind and before me. But writing alone was not enough to process the weight of a past I felt in the pit of my stomach, the stiffness of my neck, and the pounding of my heart, each time I sat at my computer hoping to braid a history that felt inherently knotted. I began to rely heavier on movement, mind-fullness, and nature, to support my healing process. To support my story.


I also wanted more than art.

I wanted clarity, feedback, coaching, and the practicality of the editorial process and publishing world. I wanted the combination of writing, movement, and reality that had begun to clear the shavings from the memoir I was carving. In my search I created Nourishing Writers as a place to support other literary artists through the courageous process of non-fiction.


Welcome, dear friends.

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Just like you, we have a story to tell.

Just like you, we are still wondering how to tell it.

Just like you, mining our past is painful and requires support.

Just like you, we need help from those who know the way forward.

Just like you, we want to be inspired by those who came before us.

Nourishing Writers is a holistic approach to storytelling, helping birth the story only you can write. Under the guidance, in the setting, and amongst the community all of us writers have been searching for, we bring you experts in their field to help draw out the story baked into your bones.


Your own, Body of Work